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Movie/Video Amateur Isabelle Huppert stars in this one. Her evil cohort boyfriend has awoken with amnesia but she thinks he's dead. Much mischeif as euro-gangsters try to reclaim their stolen floppy disks. OK, forget the plot, the hair is totally beyond description! And you see lots of it constantly! The epitome of Bob Haircut Worship movies!
Movie/Video Amelie A shy young woman with a pronounced taste for all of life's small pleasures: immersing one's hand in a sack of grain, cracking the crust of a crème brulée with the back of a teaspoon or skipping stones on the Canal Saint Martin. In the night of August 30th 1997, it suddenly hits her: she decides to straighten out other people's lives. But who's going to straighten out her life?
Movie/Video Chicago A pleasantly different style of musical, Chicago is delightful. It's funny and pretty and strange. Catherine Zeta-Jones and the lovely Bob she sports is absolutely to die for!
Movie/Video Clue Madeline Kahn sports a positively lovely Bob. A fun take-off from the popular board game of the same name, this will hold a Bob-lover's interest much longer!
Movie/Video Doom Generation Rose McGowan plays the ideal in bitchy, lustful Bob Haircut Mistresses. Spurred on by a new acquintence, she leads him and her boyfriend on a fatal trip beyond the safe realm of an all-too-real gen-x underculture.
Movie/Video Drop Dead Fred Your eyes will not once leave Pheobe Cates in her most perfect of Bobs. There was a slight lull in the Bob-lust when the bangs were brushed up away from her face, but even then she reighned as a goddess! Watch again and again - you'll have to, because you'll keep forgetting to pay attention to any plot or other actors. As far as I can see it's a movie made purely for Bob Haircut gratiuty. Excellent!!
Movie/Video Fifth Element Unbelievable Bobs of every color! OK, just red, white, and black, but many, many, many of them! Milla Jovovich has the outrageous reddish-orange bob to go with her supermodel face and figure. The airport employees all have strict stark-white fetish Boba, and there's even a large group of raven-haired Pageboy hangers-on in the theatre! Wow, Bobs!
Movie/Video Ghostbusters 2 The lovely Annie Potts has The Best readhead Bob Haircut in this otherwise not-so-great second of two Ghostbusters movies. The movie overall really just didn't work, but Annie's hair MUST be seen! You will NOT regret it!
Movie/Video Gosford Park There are several lovely Bobs in this piece. In particular, the all too adorable Kelly Macdonald sports an even better verson of her Bob than she had in Trainspotting. It's NOT an action flick, guys, but the hair is excellent!
Movie/Video Kalifornia Michelle Forbes never looked better! Sporting a shorter Bob then in her Star Trek days she proves that even without the wrinkly nose makeup she's a seriously hot Bob Haircut goddess! Good action/tension/irony movie, too!
Book Le Fabuleux Album d'Amélie Poulain This is the fabuleux companion book to Amelie, the movie. No Bob-Lover's coffee table could ever be complete without this most wonderful of picture books.
Book Lulu in Hollywood: Expanded Edition This is the 'expanded' paperback version of the famous book written by Bobmistress Louise Brooks.
Book Making Faces By Kevyn Aucoin. This an absoultely fabulous book on professional makeup artists' tips and tricks and tools. I can't speak highly enough of this book. Kevyn is the ultimate! And, of course, he's picked some fabulous Bob Haircuts to highlight his living art (pages 6, 41, 95, 108, 117, 132, and especially 144). This book will help you show off the excuisite beauty of your Bob. Buy This Book!!
Movie/Video Mars Attacks Natalie Portman has LOST her Bob in this one, but another actress is giving it a good shot at taking up the slack. Please help with the actress name if you can, but in any case, see the movie! Very good hair! (Except for Natalie Portman!!)
Movie/Video Mobsters Lara Flynn Boyle, of all people, has one of the world's best redhead Pageboys in this docudrama about the struggles of mobsters raising through their ranks.
Movie/Video Mrs. Parker and the Viscious Circle Algonquin Round Table charter member Dorothy Parker is played by Jennifer Jason Leigh. Second only to louise brooks of the same era, this Bob-clad girl, although often rather dim and dreary in her outlook on life, is a Bob Haircut goddess beyond description. You positively must see this movie for it's Bobness. A well-done movie all around, it's one of those "love it" or "hate it" films. The Bob definately helps you love it!
Movie/Video Pandora's Box Louise Brooks! Need we say more? OK: She plays Lulu, an irrisitable Cabaret girl who turns out to be cosmic "bad news" again and again for those who fall for her. Excellent! And the movie's great, too!
Movie/Video Praying Mantis Jane Seymour plays the Praying Mantis - a to-die-for woman with nothing but true love in her heart, but perhaps to a fault. The ultimate outcome is the death or her spouses, one after another. But with her exquisite Bob that couldn't look better on anyone else you'll find yourself wishing you could die for her, too!
Movie/Video Prince Valiant Come, now. It's men with Bobs! How can you go wrong with that? Sexy men with swords, chainmail skirts, and the best hair since Egypt's 20st dynasty! Sign me up for 5 or 6 of those right now!
Movie/Video Pulp Fiction Of course you've seen this movie! If you haven't then it's time to come out from under your rock. It's UMA!!! With a spectacular Bob! Buy it. Watch it. Bring out the gimp and make an evening of it!
Movie/Video Real Genius The adorable Michelle Meyrink co-stars in this sporting her stunning black Bob as a brilliant 19 year old hyperkenetic college student in this fantastically cute movie. An amazing job by Michelle and hair worthy of daily worship.
Artist Republica Lead singer Saffron hits a chord that shakes the heart of the Bob Haircut lover! Her magnificent black and red Bob take good music and make it orgasmic. We'll be watching for an online supplier of any videos they/she may produce for sure! Worship Saffron!
Movie/Video Scream Pure marketing! How many of us went to see Scream because of Drew Barrymore's hair? And how many of us were upset when she died 10 minutes into the film? Well with that perfect blonde Pageboy it's 10 minutes of sheer delight! How many of us have worn out the first 10 minutes of our VHS copy?
Movie/Video Showgirls The vast majority of this movie is not populated by Bob Haircuts. However, there is a four minute segment that any Bob Worshipper absolutely must see!! It's a sexy movie overall and definately worth watching, but seeing that four minutes is an absolute necessity!
Book The Mane Thing By Kevin Mancuso (forward by Cindy Crawford). An instructional book on hairstyling! Very well done. Although there are only a few good bob-like styles pictured, (pages 17, 62, and 121), it's a fantastic book on hairtsyling from start to finish with excellent how-to tips on procedures and tools. This book will help you put the finishing (or beginning) touches on your lovely Bob. Buy This Book!!
Movie/Video The Professional Natalie Portman, in her one really attractive role, sports the be-all-and-end-all of Bob Haircuts. A great movie, but all you'll end up watching is the hair while you gasp for breath in an ecstatic pant as she goes from innocent and pristine to rugged and tattered. Warning: Gratuitous Extreme Bobness!
Artist Twelve Deadly Cyns
(Cindy Lauper)
Look At That Hair! This CD's cover and her appearance from that time was the epitome of to-die-for Bob Haircuts! Since then it's changed, but the CD is still available! Great music! A collection of her best for sure.
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